Thursday, October 30, 2014

November Kit Preview

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Retreat gifts from my sweet friends!

These are a couple of gifts I received at the retreat this past weekend. I love them!! Our theme this time was "Leaf me alone! I am crafting" lol, get the pun "leaf" since it is Fall and the leaves are falling. So Denise made this beautiful photo frame for me and I have no clue how she did the inside but she will have to show us. We need a tutorial Denise. And then we had a jar swap, everyone who wanted to decorated a jar and filled it with candy or goodies and we played the game "dirty Santa" with our jars. I drew the last number so I was able to snag this lovely jar filled with goodness that Tina Mayo made. I still won't use any of the items inside I am hoarding them. Thank you so much ladies!!

Sheila Johnson also taught a class on putting together this lovely photo album. Love it! And she cut, scored and taped all the pieces, oh wow! Thank you so much Sheila. Let me know if you want the measurements I can get them for you.