Saturday, December 30, 2017

Upcoming Storage Solutions YouTube Tutorials

Next week we will be starting a storage tutorial series on our YouTube channel. At this time of year it is great to start organizing and and arranging all our goodies. And I like to make my own storage as much as possible to save money to buy more goodies lol. Join us on Tuesday as we start with the first DIY storage selection for our paper scraps. This I need very bad. 

Here is a little sneak peek. Make sure to tune in January 2nd for the full tutorial. 


Monday, December 25, 2017

Closed - Day 10 and our last Thank you Giveaway!

WINNER IS LYNN HUNDLEY! you have 24 hours to contact us to claim your winnings. 

Day 10 is a wonderful product and is always in my stash and used everyday. Tim Holtz Snips!

Leave a comment letting us know if you have these or if you have any of Tim's scissors.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

CLOSED - Day 9 of our Thank You Giveaway


Tim Holtz ruler! I use this daily, it is a must for any craft room!

Leave a comment letting me know if you have one!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

CLOSED. Day 8 of our Thank You Giveaway!

THE WIN WE IS SUSAN BAKER! Congrats you have 24 hours to contact us to claim your prize. 

Day 8 we are giving away something that is so hard for us to keep on the shelf. Mini Magnets!! These are great for any type use, very strong and thin.

Leave us a comment telling us if you use these and if not what do you use for mini albums closures.

Friday, December 22, 2017

CLOSED - Day 7 Thank You Giveaway!


On Day 7 we are giving away another favorite things. Scor Tape! Who could do mini albums without this wonderful product. Double sided strong adhesive!!

Leave a comment telling us if you have ever shopped with us before and if not why?

Thursday, December 21, 2017

CLOSED Day 6 Thank You Giveaway


Day 6 is another of my favorite tools. It is the Tim Holtz Distress tool. Leave a blog comment letting us know if you have used this tool or if you distress.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

CLOSED - Day 5 of our Thank You Giveaway!


On day 5 we are giving another of our favorite things which is a We R Quickstik pick Up Tool. Leave a comment on how much you would like this product to be entered.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Closed - Day 4 of our Thank You Giveaway


Here is Day 4, and it is a "hot" one. The Powder Tool for embossing! Let us know if you emboss and if so do you use this tool?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, December 18, 2017

Closed Winner Chosen - Day 3 Thank You Giveaway


This is the day 3 of our Thank You Giveaway! And today it's another of my favorite things. The Snow Writer, this looks beautiful on your projects, stays dimensional and looks just like snow. Click on our blog post and leave a comment on the blog letting us know if you have ever used this product and if so how did you "love" it?

Good luck, E

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Closed - WINNER CHOSEN Day Two Thank You Giveaway!


This is the second day of our Thank you Giveaway of our favorite things. This second thing is another thing I don't think I could do without. Just click on the link below and leave a comment under this post letting me know if you have this item in your crafting stash and if you use it.

Good luck, winner will be chosen tomorrow, when we announce todays giveaway winner.

Thank you again for 2017, E

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, December 15, 2017

Closed GIVEAWAYS! Our Way of Saying Thank You!


We are having 10 GIVEAWAYS! One giveaway a day for the next 10 days of "MY FAVORITE THINGS". All you have to do to enter is leave a blog post below. This is just our way of saying THANK YOU FOR 2017!  And can't wait for 2018!

The items that will be given away will be listed each day by 12 noon on our blog. The winner for the previous day will be listed in that same post. Winners will be chosen by Rafflecopter.

Starts tomorrow our Day 1 Giveaway is: 

Our Favorite Trimmer, the Cricut Paper Trimmer. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, December 14, 2017

DIY Gift Book Box with Waterfall Photo Album

Today we made a gift for our super Mail lady, she is very patient with us and never complains when we haul out 50 or 60 packages for her to somehow cram in her car. This is just a little gift box that we will be using to place her gift certificate in, and then she can use the box later for her photos as it has a waterfall photo album inside.

Below are the measurements, hope you enjoy.

YouTube Video Tutorial:

1 sheet of card stock 12x8 inches, on the 12" side score at 1/4", 4 7/8" 7 1/8", 11 3/4". Turn one turn and score on the 8" side at 1" and 7 1/2"

Fold and burnish all score lines

Cut up on center score lines just to the vertical score line as shown in the video. Wedge out just a little on both.

Cut off small boxes on the ends at and angle as you will not need these. This is where the score lines create the box.

Glue down the 1/4" edges and fold up center piece and glue inside. This is not necessary but does add strength to the box.

Do the same on top to keep from having raw edges.

Cut 2 pieces of cardstock at 6x7 inches, on the long side score at 1/2", 3", 4" 6 1/2" turn and score at 1" and 5". Do this same thing on the other piece, this creates your boxes for the inside. Cut your squares at the corners off as you did on the large piece. Fold down and glue the 1/2" pieces down to keep from having raw edges. Glue the sides together forming your boxes.

For the cascading mini album you will need a piece of paper cut at 3x9 3/4" score at 4 3/4" and 5" on the long side. Cut 8 pieces of paper at 2 3/4x2 3/4" to create the cascade, score at 1/4" on all pieces on just one side. mat as you wish and assemble as shown in the video.

Decorate and you are finished.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Design Team Call For Scrapbooking With ME

Scrapbooking With ME is having a Design Team Call! 
Open to USA only sorry.
We are looking for Scrapbookers, Mixed Media Artist, Card Makers & Art Journalist. 
If you are crafty, have some extra time and a team player please see the qualifications below. 

Term: 6 months starting January 1, 2018
What we expect:
  • Have an active YouTube channel where you post at least 2 videos a week.
  • We will ask that 2 of these videos a month be using our products, and only mentioning our company name and if use other supplies must say "from my stash". 
  • Be active on all forms of social media, especially Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
  • Take clear photos of your projects
  • Must be willing to share all our links on your Social Media sites as well as your team members
  • Promote the company on all social media platforms
  • Upload your projects links to all social media sites
  • Be organized and able to meet deadlines
  • Be active on all our SWME groups, this means posting at least once a day, or commenting on someone else post
  • Do sneak peeks of your projects before they are revealed and post to all social media sites

What you will receive as part of the SWME team:
  • $50 voucher to spend each month
  • 20% discount on products
  • We may send extras sometimes if special projects are needed for new releases
  • Our support and gratitude
  • We will share all your projects/videos to our social media sites giving them more exposure
  • A welcome package to get you started
To apply please send an email to our DT coordinator Tammy at
Please put DT Application in the subject.
Send three photos and links to YouTube videos you have created in the past 6 months.
Please include links to all your social media sites.
Include any current DT's you are affiliated with.
Then tell us a little about yourself.

We will be accepting applications until December 18th, 2017.
The applicants will be reviewed and we will notify the new team by the 23rd of December.
Then be ready to begin Jan. 1st, 2018

We know this is late and it is a quick deadline, but we know those who are really serious will be able to do this. 

Good luck, E

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Fun and Easy Candy Cane Card

This was a Pinterest challenge from a member. She sent a photo and asked me to show how it is made. Well this video shows my take on the sweet card. 

Remnants - They will be gone soon!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

DIY Faux Wood Christmas Tree Using Supplies You Have At Home

This is a quick and easy project. The measurements are below. Use wood or chipboard as I have here either way it is beautiful.

The pieces are cut at the following and just placed on a large paint stir stick. You could also use a wood stick that is a 1x2 about 24 inches long.


Thursday, October 26, 2017

DIY Christmas Fireplace Finish - Decorating

Our beautiful fireplace is finished. This is not a hard project at all, just  use your imagination and decorate to make this look realistic. Below are all the measurements. Watch the video to see just how easy everything comes together. Enjoy and please share your finished projects in our members room.

I made my fireplace using black medium weight chipboard. The mini lights I used I purchased from Amazon I think I got 6 sets for around $10. The little battery operated tea lights I got from Amazon as well, I purchase the packs of 24 and they are around $10 this last me a long time. The punch I used for the garland was an old Martha Stewart punch, can't remember where I got it but here is a link to one just like it. . As for the paper I used the same as I did on our lantern, the beautiful Graphic 45 Winter Wonderland.

To shop all our products just click here: 

Front and Back 2 pieces cut at 6x5 1/2"
Top and Bottom 2 pieces cut at 6x2"
Sides 2 pieces cut at 5 1/2x 2"

Cut the opening in the front peice

Hearth is 3x7"
Mantle is 2 1/2x7"

Bottom piece of the front to go across opening is 1/2x6"

Mats are cut at 5 3/4x5 1/4" front and back
Mats for sides 5 1/4x1 7/8"

This is all the measurements not just a matter of decorating as you like, and you have a beautiful home decor fireplace. And remember you can change the sizes to make this as big or as small as you wish. 

Enjoy, E

DIY Christmas Fireplace - Pt 1

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Winter Lantern Tutorial

We wanted a lantern like the one Tim Holtz has in his new die collection, but after ordering the die and waiting for a month we still have not received it. Soooooo we decided to make the template and create one of our own. We wanted to take you along with us and hope that you will see just how easy it is and create one for yourself. This video is two parts the first is the creating and the second is the decorating.

Enjoy, E

Tutorial Part 1:
Tutorial Part 2:

Here are the measurements, quick and easy.

4 pieces of chipboard cut at 4"x5", this is the sides
On one of the pieces you need to cut out an opening. I measured in from each side 1/2" and down from the top and up from the bottom 3/4' and cut this part out.

4 pieces of chipboard cut at 2"x4" this is going to be your top/roof pieces. To get the slant on the roof measure in 1" from each side of the 4" length and mark. Join this mark with the bottom corner point and cut this part off creating somewhat of a triangle. 

Create some construction pieces. I use just scrap paper that is 1" wide and it can be as long as you want, various lengths is good. I used black as that is the color chipboard I used, but you can use any color, just keep in mind parts of these will show. Take your strips and score at 1/2" down the long way. Put scar tape on each side of the score line just as close to the score mark as you can. These you will use to construct/join your panels/chipboard. They need to be the same length as the piece you are joining, then you need to cut the ends at a slant, cutting from open side to closed side point.

See the video tutorial on joining these together.

The bottom is cut at 4"x4". You will need construction strips all around this to attach to the bottom of the house. See video tutorial on how to attach.

Mats for sides are cut at 3 3/4x 4 3/4", use the same rule as above to cut the opening in one of these mats for the front.
Mats for top are cut at 1 7/8"x3 7/8", use the same rule as above to cut these at an angle for the top pieces.

I did cover the inside if you cover just cut 3 pieces at 3 7/8"x4 7/8" and place on the walls, for the bottom cut at 3 7/8"x3 7/8"

Pierce a tiny holt on each side roof panel to place a wire through for the handle. 

You are finished! Just to decorate and that is it. 

Any questions let me know. Hope this helps.

All products used are listed below the video, and are either in our store or we have found a place you can purchase them. 

Thanks E

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

4 Twist Card Photo Display

This is a quick and easy project but looks so beautiful on a table displaying your favorite photos. Give to a friend as a birthday card with her favorite photos. The possibilities are endless.

Video Tutorial:
Members Room:

Card Base 7 1/2x7 1/2 inches
Card Base mat: 7 1/4x7 1/4 inches

Photo twist element: 4 pieces 6 1/4x3 1/8 inches
Score all 4 pieces at 3 1/8 inch on the long side
Then take one of the squares and make a score line from center score line to outside point, creating a triangle. Score 2 the same way from score line to point and then score the other two from point to triangle exactly opposite the first two. So you should have two twist pieces that go to the lest and two that go to the right. 

Photo display mats:
Cut 4 pieces of solid cardstock 3 1/8x3 1/8"
Cut 4 pieces decorative paper at 2 7/8x2 7/8 inches
Glue these together.

Assemble these pieces on to p of the triangles as shown in the video.

Mark center of base across and down then mark out from center line 1/8 inch on both sides. This will help you attach the photo twist pieces in a straight line.  

Glue photo displays in between the lines you drew making sure the pop up part when opened faces out to the corner point. 

Back mat is cut at 7 1/4x7 1/4"

Make share with us and enjoy! 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Explosion Pop Up Card

Today we are creating a fun and easy explosion card with a cake pop up on the inside. This is for my Granddaughter, I think she will like the surprise. I will give you all the measurements here but there are parts that I will just have to instruct you to watch the video on, because some is to hard to explain unless you are looking at what I am doing.

Full video tutorial:

All products came from our store and are listed with links below the video.

Lets Begin

Start off with a piece of cardstock that is 6"x12", on the 12" side you want to score at 5", 10 1/8",
10 1/4", 10 3/8" and 11 1/4". Fold and burnish your score lines.

Next a piece of white cardstock for the center of the card, this is the one you will put your sentiment on. 4"x9 1/2". On the 9 1/2" side score at 4 3/4".

Explosion part, you will need two thin pieces of paper, the thinner the better the card will fold. Cut these at 6"x10", score in the center at 5". Now to do your folds on these pieces for the explosion part you will need to watch the video, but I can tell you where to score or fold. On the long side of the triangle you will score at 2", 3", 4", 5". Then you will accordion fold these.

For the cake part I am inserting a photo that will help with the measurements, but again watching the video will help too.

On the folded end start on the sides and measure in 3/4" and make a mark. From those two marks come up with a line 1", then connect those lines as shown in the photo. Now from that line you just made come in 1/4" from both sides and make a mark, again draw a line up from those two marks 1" long, then connect the line. Do the same for the third tier come in 1/4" from either side and make a mark then draw a 1" line up and connect. You have just made a three tier cake. 
Now for the cutting of these pieces you will need to check out the video here:

The mat pieces for the cake are cut at 2 1/4"x3/4" - 1 3/4"x3/4" - 1 1/4"x3/4"

Outside mats are cut at 6 3/4"x4 3/4" and 5 1/2"x4 1/2"

Then decorate as desired.

I hope you enjoy this it comes together really quickly even though it looks complicated.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Twist and Pop Card Tutorial

This is a card tutorial by request from my sweet members. This is very easy to do an I will leave a link to a sweet friends YouTube where she has created an SVG file free for you to create this card.

Card base is 4x12 inches
Card middle pieces 3 1/2x10 score this piece at 2 1/2, 5, 7 1/2
Card twist mechanism 3 1/2x8 score on long side in the middle at 1 3/4"
Take this same piece and come in on all four ends as shown in the photo and mark at 2 1/4"

Inside mat is 3 3/4"x5 3/4"

Mats for folding twist part is 2 1/4x3 1/4"

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Coloring and Shading With Gel Pens - Doodle Art Pro Giveaway

We are showing you that coloring and shading can be done with just gel pens. These beautiful Gels pens are from our sponsor Doodle Art Pro and I have fallen in love with them. They blend! yes the BLEND!! And you can get the shad effect with these pens as well. All wrapped up in one!

AND WHAT ABOUT A GIVEAWAY. Yes they are giving a set of 40 of these gel pens to some lucky subscriber. Make sure you are subscribed to our YouTube channel the link is below and follow this blog. Leave a comment on either the blog or under the video and have your name entered once. Leave a comment under both places and have your name entered twice! Two chances to win!!

YouTube Tutorial:


Doodle Art Pro Gel Pens:
Tim Holtz Stamp Platform:
Art Glitter Glue:
Tim Holtz Mini Scissors:
Gabi Words Stamp:
My Sentiments Exactly Stamp:


This box holds 3x3 note cards and envelopes

Cardstock 9 1/2x6 1/2
on short side score at 1/2", 1 1/2", 5", & 6"
turn to long side and score at 3 1/2", 4 1/2", 8", & 9"

Cut the two little boxes off at the end with two close scorelines
Then cut up on all the other score lines on long side, wedge out just a little from the little tabs

Cut off the first little square from the tabs, all 4 of them

Then you will need to cut off 1 of the big side flaps from opposite ends ( this is show in more details in the video)

Round the corners of the existing flaps with the 1" score lines. This will be your closures. 


2 mats cut at 3 1/4"x3 1/4"
4 mats cut at 3/4"x 3 1/4"

Enjoy, E

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Waterfall Card Two Ways

As requested we have made a waterfall card and below you will find the full tutorial along with written measurements. Enjoy and let us know if you decide to make one of these. You can share on our members room that link is below as well.

A full list of all the supplies used as well as the links are also listed.

Thanks for watching E

YouTube Tutorial:
Members Room:
Shop our Products:

Supplies Used

Tim Holtz Ruler: 
Prima Knife:
Card Stock:
Memento Tuxedo Black ink:
Nuvo water color markers:
Technique Tuesday Stamp:
Clarity Stencil Brushes:

Card Base: 10x6 3/4
4 panels: 
3 3/4x3 3/4"
 3 3/4x 3 1/4"
 3 3/4x2 3/4"
 3 3/4x2 1/4"

Score all at 3/8" on 3 3/4" length

3 1/4x3 1/4"
3 1/4x2 3/4"
3 1/4x2 1/4"
3 1/4x1 3/4"

Top waterfall panel 5 1/4x4 1/2
Mesaure like photo and cut these three sides. 

Sore just the part you cut in the center at 7/8", 1 1/4", 1 5/8" 2" 

Pull piece 5 1/2x3 1/2"

Any questions please let me know. 


Sunday, July 16, 2017

This Southern Tongue did it again! 

We posted a video of a brand new collection, just in the shop yesterday and my Southern slang got the best of me and I pronounced it just like I saw it lol. I knew better, just didn't do better. The beautiful city that this collection is named after nestles along the French Riviera and was made famous in the early fifties by Brigitte Bardot. A place that I would love to visit but will most likely never get to go. This city is Saint Tropez, pronounced, Sant-Troupès in Provençal dialect. Or to this Southern girl "Sant Tro-pay". So sorry for the error in the pronounciation but never-the-less this collection is beautiful as well as the city it's named after. 

The collection:

The City: 

Friday, July 14, 2017

Notebook Using The Cinch

Here is the little notebook to go with out locker storage we created a few days ago. This came together so quick. I may have to make more very soon. Below is the full tutorial and measurements.

Chipboard cut at 5x8 1/2
Cardstock to cover CB cut at 7 1/4x10 1/4

Front and inside mats: 4 3/4x8

paper for the inside:

Cinch wire used was 3/4"

Thursday, July 13, 2017

We have a Surprise for you!! 

We have been doing some inventory and realized we have a ton of Christmas collections and embellishments. To say the least we are over loaded, therefore we are having a SURPRISE CHRISTMAS IN JULY SALE!! 

For the next two days we will be loading product in a "special" album called SURPRISE. These items will be at or below 30% off retail. Now is the time to stock up for Christmas!! 

Wonderful Christmas at fantastic prices. What more could you ask for! 

So get those fingers ready, there is no set time to start or stop. As soon as you see the first items go up you can start purchasing. All these items are in stock and ready to ship. 

Note: All invoices must be paid on time or full retail price will be charged. 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Upcycle Cereal Box to Locker Storage

Upcycle Cereal Box to Locker Storage

Our video is uploading now. This is a quick and easy project, but oh so fun to create. And it is recycling, which I love!

The measurements will be different for all boxes so you will have to measure yours, but this gives you the idea on how it comes together.

Video Tutorial:

Products I used can be found here: 
Faber Castel Pens:
Diamond Stickles:
Tim Holtz Shears:

Sunday, July 9, 2017

July Special Deals!

We see that a  lot of companies are having Christmas in July specials, and not that I am a fan of Christmas in the middle of the summer but we decided to join in and give some deals out to our wonderful customers. So here you are:

Take an additional 15% off every item in our store that is a Christmas collection. We do have a few collections loaded and will be uploading more as soon as they are available. So start now and get your collections for Christmas on order while you can get the discount. Just use coupon code Christmas15 (Please keep in mind these collections are preorders and will be shipping in the next few weeks) so purchase them now and save.

Click the photos below to go straight to the collections, or just browse the website.

Website link: 

Friday, July 7, 2017

Fun and Easy Double Twist Card Tutorial

We are uploading the tutorial and all the measurements to this double twist card. This card is so easy and fun and comes together really fast so you can mass product them for birthdays, weddings, invitations etc. The video is uploading now at the link below. And below you will find a list of the products I used. Most of these can be found at our online store.

YouTube Tutorial: 

Our Store:

7 1/8x5 1/8 cardstock
score on long side at 2 3/8" on both ends
Mats are 2 3/8x5
Inside mat: 2 1/4x5
Closure: 1 3/4x1/2
1" circle for button 

Products Used 

Art Glitter Glue and Fine Tip: 
Cricut Trimmer:
KC Die Release Tool:
Tim Holtz Scissors:
Art Glitter Glue:
Fine Tip:
Martha Stewart Score Board:
EK success bone folder:
Glue Dots:

Friday, June 30, 2017

4th of July Shaker Card

Here is a 4th of July shaker card that you don't have to have a Cricut for. This card is quick and easy but beautiful. My husband said it looked like fireworks lol.

Card base
4 1/4 x 5 1/2


4 1/4 x 5 1/2
4 x 5 1/4

The complete tutorial and instructions are on my video.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Fourth of July Raised Panel Card

This Fourth of July card was made using very few products and it comes together very quickly. I did use the Cricut to cut out the flag and the stars. But you could always just use a print out or a clip art.

The list of supplies we used is listed below. And to see the full tutorial just click the video.

Thanks and enjoy! E

Cricut Design Space:
Neenah Metallic CS:
Cricut Trimmer:
use this code for 15% off and FREE shipping
American Flag Cricut: #M30BED or Stand and Salute cartridge
Foam Tape:

Join Our Kit Club:
Take part in our Challenge: 
FB Boutique: 
Online Store: 
Members room:

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Purse Mini Album

I have been working on this project for a few days and finally got the opportunity to finish it. It doesn't take that long, but I kept getting interrupted lol. I love these albums and they hold a ton of photos and memorabilia. I am leaving a link to the two part video and the instructions on measurements are below. If you have any questions please let me know.

Part one of the video tutorial:
Part two of the video tutorial:

The mini has 6 pages front and back, 6 flaps front and back and 6 pockets. The full overall size is 7"x7"x3" not including the handles. 

You will need the following or something similar to create this project. 

Front, Back and Spine

 2 pieces of chipboard cut at 7"x7"
Spine - 1 piece of chipboard cut at 3"x7"

To cover the chipboard I use two pieces of 12x12 craft paper glued together and then cut down to 
19 1/4"x9". Make sure to cut off each end on the long way so that your seam will fall in the middle of the spine piece, this makes it easier to cover. 

Outside cover sheets 

 2 - 6 1/2"x 6 1/2" of paper
Spine mat is cut at 2 1/2"x 6 1/2"

Inside Mat - 2 sheets cut at 8 1/2" and then either glue them together or I just put them down with the seam falling in the middle of the spine. 


1 - 7 1/4"x6 1/4" sheet , score on the 7 1/4" side at 1/2" on both ends
1 - 6 1/4"x6 1/4" no scoring on this sheet
1 - 4 3/4"x6 1/4" score on the 4 1/4" side at 1/2" on one end. 

Glue the 6 1/4x6 1/4 sheets onto the longer sheet using the 1/2" folds you made this will create you pocket. For the flap cut a slight slant off the 1/2" fold so that it will insert into the pocket easily. Glue inside one end of the pocket. Only put glue on one side of the 1/2" flap so that you will have an open pocket. (All this is shown in the video linked above)

Mats for Pages 

6x6 sheets for the pages themselves
4x6 sheet for the flaps


Cut at 12"x2" and scored at 1" down the long way.


2 pieces cut at 5x1 3/4", put your magnet inside and glue together. Round the ends. 

To create the faux leather look I used Kaisercraft kraft cardstock, Tim Holtz Vintage photo distress ink and art glitter glue. Then my bone folder to rough it up a little. (shown in the photo)

Any questions please let me know. And if you make this project please share with us in our members room. HERE

Monday, June 26, 2017

Who Wants To Win?

We will be giving away a set of 6 of the BRAND NEW released Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Ink! Ranger and Tim have just released 12 new Oxide colors and we want to help you add them to your collection. To enter just leave a comment below. We will choose a winner on July 4th and announce on our YouTube channel. Make sure to subscribe! 

Winner will have 24 hours to claim their prize. 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Travel Junk Journal & We R Planner Punch Review 

We will be creating a travel junk journal using scraps and supplies from our stash. Envelopes, paper bags, photo pockets, tags, library pockets and lots more items will go into our journal. 

We will also be using and reviewing the new We R memory keepers planner punch board during this video. 

Tune in at 12 noon CST to watch the creating and see how it all comes together. And hear my thoughts on the new punch board. 

Our YouTube channel is:

Monday, June 19, 2017

Who Likes It FREE??

More Freebies! Use this link below, then go to the upper right of the page and click FREEBIES. The beautiful font, Astereiska, pictured below is this week absolutely FREE for you to download. This is licensed to be used on the Cricut.

Create an account so you will be notified when there are FREEBIES for you to download.


Sunday, June 18, 2017

Oh My! Look at this!

This is one of the new beautiful colors from Cricut! How beautiful is this right? Now let me tell you how you can get this machine at a great cost!!  Trade up and get $50 off. If you have Cricut access get 10% off. Use the code JUNESHIP and get FREE shipping. Save big, but time is running out.  Click the links no below and start shopping. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tool Box With Tools, From Paper & Stamps

I wanted to create this last week, but things just didn't work out. Hopefully it will help someone with a Fathers day card. This is a cute tool box equipped with tools, just using stamps and dies and a little coloring. The video is uploading and below are the measurements.

Video Tutorial:


Cardstock 11 x 8 1/2 inches
Score on long side at 2 1/2", 4", 7", 8 1/2"
Turn one turn score at 1 1/2", 7"

On the 1 1/2" score lines cut away the first rectangle on all four sides. Then just cut up on the square box that is left, this creates your tab. 

Find the center of the long center rectangle on the sides where you just cut the block away and mark lightly. Use your score tool to create a triangle box from the score line up to the mark you made. 

Glue the small tabs to the outside of the box. Then fold up the long flaps to close the box. 

If all this is confusing follow the video. 

I stamped out tools from and Altenew stamp and die set found here

Mat is 2 1/4"x 5 1/4", this is used on the long closure flaps. Decorate as desired

little closure piece is 1 x 2 inches scored in the middle and glued together. Glue one piece down and then put Velcro on the other to make the closure. 

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