Friday, January 19, 2018

Storage Solution #2 Ephemera

This is a large project but it comes together very quickly. It took me about 25 minutes and that was filming. All the measurements are in the video as well as below. Let us know if you make one of these, share it over on our Facebook Group.

The video can be seen here:

You will need 2 pieces of chipboard, cereal box, or heavy cardstock to make the sides. They need to be 12x12 inches. You will divide the piece up into 4 sections measuring them at 3, 6 and 9 inches apart. Draw a line down as show in the photo. From here you can choose to make each section as tall or as short as you want, but here are the measurements I went with. I can down on the first line 3 1/5", on the second line 6 1/4" and on the last line 8 3/4". Cut out the part as show on the picture to make the stair step effect.

The bottom and the back of this is the same size 6x12 inches. The front is cut at 3x6 inches.

Inside dividers can be cut from chipboard, cardstock or cereal box. The first divider is cut at 6x8 1/2 inches. Next cut at 6x5 3/4 inches and the last one is 3x6 inches.

Use construction strips to assemble the project as shown in the video. Cover with your favorite paper and you are finished.

Hope this helped, E