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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Winter Lantern Tutorial

We wanted a lantern like the one Tim Holtz has in his new die collection, but after ordering the die and waiting for a month we still have not received it. Soooooo we decided to make the template and create one of our own. We wanted to take you along with us and hope that you will see just how easy it is and create one for yourself. This video is two parts the first is the creating and the second is the decorating.

Enjoy, E

Tutorial Part 1:
Tutorial Part 2:

Here are the measurements, quick and easy.

4 pieces of chipboard cut at 4"x5", this is the sides
On one of the pieces you need to cut out an opening. I measured in from each side 1/2" and down from the top and up from the bottom 3/4' and cut this part out.

4 pieces of chipboard cut at 2"x4" this is going to be your top/roof pieces. To get the slant on the roof measure in 1" from each side of the 4" length and mark. Join this mark with the bottom corner point and cut this part off creating somewhat of a triangle. 

Create some construction pieces. I use just scrap paper that is 1" wide and it can be as long as you want, various lengths is good. I used black as that is the color chipboard I used, but you can use any color, just keep in mind parts of these will show. Take your strips and score at 1/2" down the long way. Put scar tape on each side of the score line just as close to the score mark as you can. These you will use to construct/join your panels/chipboard. They need to be the same length as the piece you are joining, then you need to cut the ends at a slant, cutting from open side to closed side point.

See the video tutorial on joining these together.

The bottom is cut at 4"x4". You will need construction strips all around this to attach to the bottom of the house. See video tutorial on how to attach.

Mats for sides are cut at 3 3/4x 4 3/4", use the same rule as above to cut the opening in one of these mats for the front.
Mats for top are cut at 1 7/8"x3 7/8", use the same rule as above to cut these at an angle for the top pieces.

I did cover the inside if you cover just cut 3 pieces at 3 7/8"x4 7/8" and place on the walls, for the bottom cut at 3 7/8"x3 7/8"

Pierce a tiny holt on each side roof panel to place a wire through for the handle. 

You are finished! Just to decorate and that is it. 

Any questions let me know. Hope this helps.

All products used are listed below the video, and are either in our store or we have found a place you can purchase them. 

Thanks E