Thursday, September 27, 2018

Christmas Card & Envelope Purse Holder

Quick and easy project but oh what a great gift for someone. Give it a little early full of beautiful cards and slip the postage stamps in so they will have all they need to mail out their Christmas cards.
Hope you enjoy.

YouTube tutorial:

Products used:

Christmas Magic paper:
Cricut Trimmer:
Tim Holtz Scissors:
Score Board:
TH Glass mat:
Pick Up Tool:
Art Glitter Glue:


12x8 inch paper score on long side at 1/2", 5", 7", 11 1/2"

Measure in 1/2" on ends and cut away creating a slant as in the photo.

Cut 2 pieces 3x4 1/2 score on all 4 sides trim away one end of the squares, cut the others just down to score line and glue.

2 pieces cut at 2x12 inches score at 1" all the way down the short side fold together and glue.

Mats are cut at 7 3/4x4 1/4"

Inside pocket is cut at 3 1/4x3 1/4" score on 3 sides at 1/4" cut away corner squares and put glue on the flaps and glue inside your purses.

Closure 3x6"  score at 1/2" on all sides cut away corners and fold over and glue the flaps.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Open Face Card From Scrap Paper

Open Face Card

This card is quick and easy and takes just a few supplies you already have around your craft room.

YouTube tutorial: 

Cardstock: 5 1/2x8 1/2 score at 4 1/4 on long side.
On front panel of card base marke down 1 1/4" and up 1" this part in the center is the part you will cut away. Use your acrylic or acetate, to cover where you just removed the piece.
Mats for the top are cut at 1"x5 1/4" for top and 3/4"x5 1/4" for bottom.

Trees are freehand, I cut a square at 1"x 2 1/2" marked the center of the top and then joined the bottom corner to this mark cutting away to create the triangle tree. I just matted them but doing the same process but a little larger 1 1/4x2 3/4".
Cut your three stars for the top
Cut a 1x1 inche square for the bottom box holder and then angle cut it up to make it look like a flower pot.
Cut a little stem for each and glue on the front. Decorate as you wish.

It is just that easy.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Fancy Fold Christmas Forest Card and Free SVG Cut File

This is the tutorial and SVG file for one of the cards we did at Made It Con. All other card tutorials we did in this class are linked below. 

Fancy Fold Card Christmas Forest tutorial:
Christmas Tree Ribbon fold Card:
Pop Up Birthday Card: 

Product List: 
Stampendous Stamp:
Stamp Pockets:
Archival Ink Olive:
TH Glass mat:
Score Board:
Art Glitter Glue:

Free  SVG cut file:
Free Christmas Ribbon Fold Card Cut File is below in the photos

Fancy Fold Card “Christmas Forest”
On the black cardstock score at 1”, 2”, 2 ¾”, 4”, 4 ¾”, 6 ¾”
Turn to the right and score at 1 and 6 – At the 2” and 5” just score down to the 4th horizontal score line or the 4” horizontal score line.
Fold @ 4 ¾” score line and at the 1” vertical score line cut to the next score line which will be the 6 ¾”, cutting through both sides. Turn to the other end and repeat the process.
At the 2” and 5” make a cut from 1” to 4” horizontally.
Stamp on the green paper if desired.
Mats are cut as follows.
1 – ¾”x 6 ¾”       1 – ¾”x2 ¾”    2- ½”x2 ¾”   1 – 1”x2 ¾”
2 – 1 ½”x1 ¾”    6 – ¾”x1 ¾”    1 – 1 ¾”x4 ¾”    1 – 2”x6 ¾”
The white paper is cut and stamped for you, these will go on the two largest panels.

You just print and cut this template, this is a lot of copies. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Cascading Mini Album

Cascading Mini Album

Products Used:

Kraft Cardstock: 
TH Glass mat:
Tim Holtz Scissors:
Score Board:
Pick Up Tool:
Art Glitter Glue:
Basic Grey Magnets:

1.      Cut your brown cardstock at 10 ¼”x8”
2.      Mark the left end at 1” in and 1” down. This will give you a starting point for your chipboard.
Lay the 3 ½”x6 chipboard down, starting at the mark. Place the 1x6” chipboard down beside this one leaving          about 1/8” gap between them. Then lay the last piece down, again leaving about a 1/8” gab between them.
3.      Go ahead and place your glue on the backs of the chipboard and glue them down in these places.
4.      Take your bone folder and go around the chipboard at the edge creasing the paper so it will fold over the chipboard well. Make your bends easily as to not crack the paper.
5.      Trim the corners – Leaving about 1/8” from the corner point of the chipboard.
6.      Place adhesive on the brown paper at the edges and fold over the chipboard gluing the long edges first and then the ends. Fold in the corners so as not to leave any chipboard showing.
7.      Take your bone folder and slightly crease the spaces between each piece of the chipboard.
8.      Cut another piece of brown paper at 8”x5 ¾” – place this chipboard down on the inside covering the raw edges of the other brown paper you applied around the chipboard.
9.      Again fold and crease the spaces between the chipboard pieces. Slowly fold your book cover over.
10.   Cover mats are cut at 3 3/8x5 ¾” you will need 4 of these. 2 for inside and 2 for outside.
11.   Spine mats are cut at3/4”x5 ¾” you will need 2 of these one for inside and one for outside.
12.   Glue your mats on
13.   Pocket – cut a piece of brown paper 3 3/8”x3, measure up on one on the right side of the 3” side 1 1/8” and then cut from that mark to the upper left corner creating the pocket. Glue this down on the left side at the bottom.
14.   Mat for the pocket – cut at 3 1/4”x2 7/8” measure up 1” from bottom right side and from this mark cut to the upper right corner. Glue this mat on the pocket.
15.   From brown paper cut your closure for the cascading part. 6 ¼”x3/4” score at 5 ¾”
16.   Mark the center of the right side where the cascading album will go and glue the ½” down here.
17.   Cascading part- you will need 5 flaps of brown paper cut at 3 ¼”x3 ½”, on the 3 ½” side, score at ½” on all.
18.   Your top mats for the flaps are cut at 2 ¾”x3” you will need 10 of these.
19.   Small mats are cut at ½”x3” you will need 5 of these.

20.   Mats for the closure are cut at 5/8”x5 5/8” – Before you glue these on, place one of the magnets on the brown paper right at the end. I cut one for the top and one for the bottom.
21.   Now to start gluing your cascading part on. Start by placing glue on one of the flaps and place it right at the top of the very bottom mat. For the next one place glue the flap and butt it right up against the other fold over you just glued. Continue this process for all the mats.
22.   Now place your mats on this cascading part.
23.   Outside closure - cut 2 at 1”x2 ½”, place your magnet in the center and glue together, round the corners.  Take your bone folder and run over this flap closure breaking down the fibers so it will create a nice closure.

24.   Place your opposite sides of the magnets down and embellish all.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Pallet Christmas Ornaments - Made from Chipboard

These are quick and easy and you can use products you have around home. Below is the full video tutorial as well as the products with links. Hope you enjoy and make a few of these. Use up those cereal boxes and shoe boxes and up cycle them into beautiful ornaments.

YouTube tutorial: 

Products used:

TH Glass mat:
Tim Holtz Scissors:
Score Board:
Pick Up Tool:
Art Glitter Glue:
Basic Grey Magnets:
Tim Holtz Oxide Inks:

Start with some chipboard, cereal box or shoe box just what ever you have around home. Use the stamp and ink up the chipboard to make it look like wood, if you don't have the sign just use some ink and ink it up. Then cut the strips at 1/2" the length will need to be cut to about 4 " each. You will need 9 of these.

Start by placing two of the strips down vertically about 1" apart, and then glue your first strip across the top horizontally, at the end. Glue all of your chipboard down the back pieces leaving about 1/8" between to resemble a pallet.  Then use a glass cup or something round to trace on top, use your scissors to make the cut creating a circle of the pieces.

Then just embellish as you wish. I used some tape I had here that is like an aluminum and scored it at 1/8" all the way across to resemble the top of an ornament. If you don't have this tape use aluminum foil. Then attach your twin, string and finish embellishing. It is finished!