Saturday, March 31, 2018

Braided Card tutorial and template

Here is the video and below is the link for the template.

The link for the template: 
Visit this websist by Brandyscards, you an get the free download there:

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Star Mini Album

This is a beautiful star mini album that is super easy to make. Just cut some paper, glue together, embellish and you are finished and have a beautiful project that anyone would love to receive as a gift. Below is the video tutorial and the measurements that I used. You can change these to fit you needs just remember to adjust the second and third pages 1/2" small than the first one.

YouTube video: 

You will need 7 pcs of each of the items below

Cardstock cut at 8x5 1/2 score on long side at 4"
Second layer cut at 7 1/2x5 score at 3 3/4 on long side.
Third layer 7x4 1/2 score on long side at 3 1/2".

Fold all and burnish each of these.
Start gluing the 7 1/2x5" pcs to the 8x5 1/2 pcs. Glue only at the short ends as shown in the video and make sure to come all the way out to the end on both sides. Glue the third pc as you did the second. 

When you have all 7 of these pcs glued together then start gluing them together at the backs as shown in the video. 

For the covers you will need two pcs of chipboard cut at 4x5 1/2 add paper and embellishments on the front as desired. Then before gluing your front and back covers on put a pc of ribbon on as shown in the video so it is hidden under the cover. Glue the covers on front and back and embellish as you wish, just keep in mind to only embellish with flat objects so the book will open properly. 

Enjoy, E

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Make It Go Round Project as Promised

This is measurements for the little box we made in Ft Worth, Tx at the Make It Go Round. We had a ton of fun and can't wait for the next one. Met lots of great friends and lots of talented teachers.

YouTube Tutorial:

7 1/2x5 cardstock, on long side score at 1 1/2, 2 1/2, 4 1/2, 5 1/2 round the corners closest to the 1 1/2" score line.

2 Pc of cardstock 7x3 inches sore at 1/2 and 1 inch on two short sides and 1 long side. Cut out the 4 little boxes on the two corners. Put the corners together forming the box. Glue the first box even with the bottom of the 7 1/2x5" pc, then glue the second pc even with the two score lines starting at the 2 1/2" score line.

Mats are 4 3/4x1 3/4 inches. mat the two inside boxes and the front cover, not flap.

Embellish the front as you wish.

These are quick easy and simple and so much fun and make a great gift.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Purse With Unusual Closure

This is a quick and easy gift purse, that has an unusual closure. Measurements are below and the tutorial is at the link below.

Video Tutorial:

2 sheets of cardstock 8 1/4x11 inches, on the 11" side score at 3 1/2" and 10 1/2" turn to the right and score on the 8 1/4" side at 3 1/2" and 6 3/4".

With small scored area at the top and small scored area at the right, score at 3/4" down to the second score line. Turn to the right so score line you just made is on the top and score at 1" and 2 1/2" just down to first score line.

Then with these score lines at the top, start at the vertical score line where you ended the 1" and 2 1/2" score marks and mark down on the sides of the square box 1 1/4", make a small mark. Do this on both sides of the square and on both sheets of paper. Now join the 1" and 2 1/2" score lines to the marks you just made creating a half triangle.

Pattern paper is cut at 6 7/8"x3 1/8" you will need 2 of these.
Ribbon for handles is cut at 12" you will need 2 of these.
you will need 4 brads and 4 small circles.

Cut away sections as shown in the video and cut up on the score lines as shown.

Assemble and you have your purse gift box.