Monday, August 31, 2015

And The Winners Are!!!!!!

First of all thank you all for your sweet comments and for following our Blog. I really appreciate it very much. Hope you see something that helps you out from time to time. But now we need to announce our winners, so here we go.

The winner of the Ken Oliver Color Burst set is.....Tristan Blakeman - congratulations Tristan and thank you for your comments and following our blog.

The winner of the Stamp set giveaway from our YouTube channel is...Scrappinology (Gina) congratulations Gina and thank you so much for commenting and being a subscriber of our YT channel.

Thank you all who participated and please stick around we have lots more giveaways to come. Keep your eyes open!!

Thanks again, E

The Winner!

We will choose the winner of the new Ken Oliver color burst and the Crafty Individuals stamp this afternoon around 6pm CST. I will post the winner here as well as on our YouTube channel. If you have entered make sure you check to see if your name comes up. I will give the winners 24 hours to contact me and if they do not then I will choose another winner. Once again here are the two links for entering the contest and make sure you are a follower of this blog and a subscriber to our YouTube channel. If not then your entry will not be valid.

Good luck!! You still have a few hours to enter!

Giveaway #1 -

Giveaway #2 - 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

An Overflow of G45!!

We are bursting at the seams with the new Graphic 45 papers! Wow this paper is beautiful. The Steampunk, Mon Amour, Christmas Carol, Worlds Fair and the Botanicabella oh my. I will be uploading a video soon to show these papers because the photos we get from the vendors just do not do justice to the collections. The richness of the colors doesn't come through on the photos, hopefully I can capture on video for you. Also just a shot of my table where I unpacked the boxes. Where can I pack orders?? I guess in the floor is good lol. Your orders will be going out Monday just as soon as I can get all of this counted in inventory and packaged up for you. Can't wait to see your haul videos.

Our September Newsletter with our "Featured Artist"

Our September Newsletter is out with our "Featured Artist" announced. If you have not yet subscribed go to the top left of this page and do so now. Who knows you might be the next featured artist in the Scrapbooking With M.E. newsletter.

Thank you all for subscribing!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Fun Day

Well today is Friday Fun Day, the day right before the weekend starts, the last day of the work week, for some that is lol. Let's do something fun today. Lets share five things in our craft room that are the most "FUN" to work with. This should be easy right? I want to know the things that make you smile when you are getting ready to work with them. The things that gets you excited just to know you are going to be using them in your project. I know there are some things we really love working with and some things we just like working with, at least there is for me. So lets share them with each other, get your blood pumping just thinking about pulling them out and creating. lol

Here are mine:

  1.  I love the sound of cutting a great quality paper, that crunch, the smell, the image of it         being glued on my project. yummy
  2. I love my distress inks. The idea of altering the color of a piece of paper just by using various inks. I can take a plain white piece of paper and a couple colors of distress ink and make a fall leaf just by applying the shades in the right places. 
  3. I love my scor tape, again the smell, the way I can take a piece of chipboard, some paper and my scor tape and make a mini album in no time at all. 
  4. I love my markers, all 1000 of them lol. I am a marker addict, I collect them, want all of them and use as many and as much as I can lol. Even when the project doesn't call for them. :) 
  5. I love my sprays, again have a ton of them and use as many as I can on a project. Love to spray and watch the color change and the shine come out as it drys. Watch the paper, flower, ribbon or whatever you spray change colors and become something new. 
Well that is mine and now I am lost in a creative world, I want to create! 

Now share with me yours.  

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Water coloring over an embossed image

Here is the video of water coloring over and embossed image. This technique is easy and fun, plus you get the shine and the color. I love it! If you would like to see the image stamped and embossed the tutorial for that is just below the video. And while you are there sign up to receive this stamp FREE, the drawing will be held Monday 8/31.

If you have any questions on this video or technique please let me know in the comments.

Thursday "Throw Back"

Our Thursday "Throw Back" this week will need a little thought. Lets search through our craft vault, our stash and all those drawers where we have put "things to be used at a latter date", and find that one thing, that one item we purchased so long ago, that we thought we just couldn't live without. That item you saw someone else use and you had a million ideas running through your mind of just how you could use it and make wonderful one of a kind projects. And now lets be honest, how many times have we used this item to make those wonderful one of a kind projects lol. Told you this would require some thinking lol. And show us a picture if you can get the dust off it. :)

Ok so here goes mine; This thing I saw someone use and it looked so interesting and easy. I could imagine myself using this to do all my cutting, making those little swirls, circles, interesting shapes, and yes all of those "one of a kind" projects. Well ask me how many times I have used it...not once. Oh I have tried one or two times but it is not at all as easy as the demo showed. So I placed it in a little drawer and there it has been sitting for over 8 yrs. Yes I said 8 years. Why do I keep it you ask?? Well who knows, maybe I think one day I will find out how it works? Or one day a light bulb will go off in my head and I will make those "one of a kind" projects...not! Maybe I just think I don't want to sell it to anyone else because they may ask me how to use it, and I would have to tell them I have no clue. lol Well there you go that is mine and really I don't even know what to call it, the cutting thingy I guess. :) Now it is time to show me yours!! Come on I know you have one!! Dig it out of that vault and dust it off!! It's there hiding behind all those other items we just couldn't live without. :)

Have fun searching! And who knows you may run across something that you do know how to use that you forgot you had!! hehehehe

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Water color over an embossed image

Tomorrow we will have a how to video using your water color pencils over an embossed image. This technique is absolutely beautiful and oh so easy. A fun way to get sparkle on your water color without using glitter. Join me on our YouTube channel tomorrow! My channel is scrapbookingwithme.

Wednesday "Wind Up"!

Well Wednesday is the day we start winding up for the weekend. Half of our work week is over, for some of you that is, and we are looking ahead to the weekend, making plans. But we want to talk crafts here on this Wednesday "Wind Up". I want to share with you some things that "Wind Up"...

A few of my things that "Wind Up":

    1. If it is not purchased from the store by you, it will "wind up" in my hoard vault!
    2. If it is pretty paper it will "wind up" in my hoard vault!
    3. If it is flowers it will "wind up" in my hoard vault!
    4. If it is bling it will "wind up" in my hoard vault!
    5. If it is pretty lace it will "wind up" in my hoard vault!

If...If...If...I could go on and on with things that "wind up" but I want to hear what you have that "Winds Up" so leave your comments below and tell me!! I hope I am not the only one that has a "wind up vault"!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday Trials??

Okay so here we are on Tuesday and our theme today is Tuesday Trials. This could open up a whole lot of possibilities right? lol. I would like for us to share what our biggest "trial" is that prevents us from crafting as much as we would like. Now don't feel bad if your "trial" is your family, no one will hold it against you at all. So here I go with mine, this could be a long one.

My biggest "trial" that prevents me from crafting as much as I would like is my job. I love what I do, I get to work from home, talk daily to friends all over the world, ship out wonderful crafty goodness and bring a smile to a face because they got "happy mail"! But in keeping up with all this I have to put my crafting on the back burner. Most days I have no problem with this because I get to see the beautiful projects you have created with items from the Boutique and I live my crafting through you. :) But then there are days when I just want to play all day, bury myself in my crafty hoard vault and just play, play, play...oh sorry. Then it is back to reality and I realize there are packages to weigh, labels to print, inventory to count and crafty goodness to get out the door to you.  So again my crafting goes on the back burner and I get back to work! And also realize how much I appreciate each of you and the support you have given us over the past 10 years, so I whisper a little "thank you" and keep on working!

So there is my confession tell me about yours.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday Morning Mentions! Stay informed! SALE!!

Thought we would start a new trend to let everyone know what is coming up and what's going on now. Monday will be our Monday Morning Mentions where we will mention the upcoming events, and events that are still happening in the boutique, on our blog and our YouTube channel. We just don't want anyone to forget to register for an event or miss out on a sale. So here we go for our first MMM.


Happening now on our YouTube channel - Giveaway for a stamp set just become a subscriber and leave a comment under this YouTube video. Open internationally. Will end Aug 31st when we will draw for our winner.


Happening now on this Blog - Giveaway for the new set of Ken Oliver Color Burst - will end Aug 31st when we will draw for our winner. Just leave a comment under the post linked below and become a follower of this blog. 


Today we will post another IOW (item of the week) don't miss out on these great deals they only last one week and then the prices go back up to our retail. Most of these items are at a very low 35% off. What will this weeks IOW be???? Click HERE this afternoon and see what Tammy post! Remember there are always a very limited supply. Not a member?, just ask to join and one of our sweet admins will approve you.


We would like to mention our LABOR DAY WEEKEND INVENTORY CLEARANCE SALE!! Yes you have it a huge labor day weekend sale in the Boutique only! We are shooting for over 700 items this time to be at rock bottom prices. We need to move some inventory. There will be limited quantities of each item and the prices will be unbelievable so you have to be there early!! More details to follow so stay tuned.

Our Second SWME newsletter will be out on August 31st. We always include a freebie file to download and use. Links to some great new products. Photos of upcoming products and events and a discount code that can be used by anyone who is a subscriber to the newsletter. So if you are not signed up for our newsletter go to the top left of this page and sign up today and you will be included in the newsletter mailings. Don't forget to confirm after you enter your email address, the system will send you an email asking you to confirm. This is for privacy reasons. 

Thank you all so much and have a wonderful week!! E

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Happy Birthday Bethany

Today is our granddaughter Bethany's 11th birthday. She wanted to go eat at Ninja Steakhouse, her first time to ever eat Japanese. She loved it and especially loved the show they did for us. Thought I would share a few pics and show her awesome birthday ice cream cake they brought out.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Your Invited!

It is that time of year again for our Scrapbooking With ME Fall Retreat! I am so excited for this one, I can't wait to be around my crafty friends again! We hope you can come and join us. Our theme this year will be T-shirts and Tiaras. We will have door prizes, goody bags, drawings for some awesome crafty goodness and lots more. For more information just send us and email or leave a comment under this post.

Email is:

Or click HERE if you are on Facebook

Click HERE to register if you are not on Facebook.

Any questions please let us know. Can't wait!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Lots of yummy-ness!

This is just a few items we received in the shop today. I love mail. Just wish it was all mine. Your happy mail will be shipping out tomorrow. Hope your name is on one of these goodies. 

Do You See Anything You Like?

Just got in this package of goodness this morning. I want it all how about you? Do you see anything you like? Let me know what you can recognize from this pile of goodness. Lots of this will be heading out in the mail today, hope your name is on a piece of happy mail!

To shop for these and other pieces of happy mail click HERE. Not a member? No problem, just ask to join our private sale group. Not on Facebook still no problem just go to our website at

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Another 48 hour deal for you!!

We have another spectacular deal for you, and again this one will only last 48 hours. This is something everyone uses a lot of. ATG tape!! We are offering 10 rolls of 1/4" for one low price of $15.95. This is over a $22 value. You know the holidays are coming and we will all need lots of tape. Stock up now before the deal is over!!

Just click HERE to shop. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

You don't want to miss this DEAL! 2 DAYS ONLY

You don't want to miss this great deal starting tomorrow. It will be a one time offer and will only last two days. Watch this video to see just what all you can get at a never before heard of price.


CLICK HERE TO SHOP! If you are not a member just ask to join, it is a private sale group.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Two for the price of one!! SALE ENDED

Our item of the week this week is Gelatos. You can get two sets for the price of one. This sale ends tomorrow and then they will return to regular price. Go to our FB sale group and get in on this great deal. There are also some extra goodies in these packs.

Scrapbooking with me boutique. 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

New Haul! Halloween, Penny Black, Prima and more

These are just a few items we received in the store today! Love the Halloween papers and the stamps are beautiful! Check out the store by clicking HERE, you will have to ask to join this is our Facebook private sale group. Or go to our website at

Thanks for watching, any questions just let me know.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Another GIVEAWAY!!

Yes we are sponsoring another giveaway but this one is only on our YouTube channel. We are giving away the product that we show demoed in the video. Just go to our channel watch the video to the end and follow the instructions.  And please don't become a subscriber just to see if you will win, please hang around we have lots more to come on this channel. This is just a THANK YOU ALL for watching and subscribing.

Just click the video, watch, subscribe and leave a comment to be entered.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Page Layout Using our Cricut Explore!

Tomorrow we will be doing a page layout using our Cricut Explore Air. This will take a little time because there are a few elements we will be adding and adjusting. I will show you how to change the words on a pre-designed image, how to place your images on the canvas, adjusting and slanting, how to group/un-group the text and how to change the colors of the images to match the color of your paper, this makes it much easier to arrange and choose your scrapbook paper and your pen colors. We will also go over lots more during this start to finish tutorial.

This will be on my YouTube channel, I hope you will join me. Just grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit back and learn with me. Here is a little shot of what we will be doing. My oldest grandson will be starting high school tomorrow, so I wanted to make sure and remember this first day by making a nice layout with his name, school name and first day photo. And creating the layout on the Cricut Explore Air is so much easier than just cutting things and hoping you get the right size. With the Cricut Explore you can lay it all out on the scrapbook canvas, arrange and adjust until you get it like you want!

Hope to see you tomorrow! My YouTube channel is

Monday, August 10, 2015

Just in!

We are now carrying the new Illustrated Faith. This is a wonderful collection for your devotional bibles or your journals. I love all the stickers!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Do you have all 7?

Introducing the brand new Tim Holtz August color of the month, Ground Espresso! This is one of my favs. Love the rich dark brown color. We needed another brown. These are now up for sale as individual pieces or as a set at a very good price. Just click the shop link to the right to place your preorder or go to These are scheduled to ship to us by the 18th. 

Tell me what you think of this color and let me know if you have all 7 colors of 2015. 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Little Thank You!

Yesterday I had 5 minutes to play with my Cricut Explore Air and I made these two little items. I wanted to see if the Cricut would cut these tiny letters and it did wonderfully. Also made this little window envelope. Of course you can always re-size these and make larger if you wanted. I am thinking I will slip one of these in my customers packages with a coupon code for a percentage off to the store. I will place them in random packages so no one knows if they are getting one until they get their package. This will be fun! Like sending a tiny RAK.

This file is from the Alphalicious cartridge.

Cricut Explore Air: 

Friday, August 7, 2015

Emboss With The Cricut Explore!

You can emboss with your Cricut Explore by using these pens from Ranger. The pen fits in the pen holder just as the Cricut pens do. And these pens stay wet so you can do a large image without the worry of the embossing liquid drying up. I am putting these up for sale in the boutique as I type this...well after I type this. I am so happy I found these!! I love embossing! And now to be able to do the embossing with the Cricut is an added plus!

Click HERE to place your orders.

Click HERE to order the Cricut Explore with FREE shipping. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Cricut Explore Air!

I just thought I would share a little information with you today about my Cricut experiences. I started out with the Cricut baby cutting machine, graduated to the Cricut expressions and now I am using the Cricut Explore Air. I liked the baby okay at the time but didn't use it a lot because things I wanted to cut were larger than the 6" platform. So I stood in line like everyone else when the Expressions came out at the Walmart black Friday sale to grab me one. I then started purchasing cartridges when I could afford them, I never paid full price always waited for them to go on sale or bid on them on Ebay. I had collected 30 cartridges over the last few years. Now when I say collected, I mean collected, I rarely used them. I hated the fact that every time I wanted to cut something I had to search the web or look through the books to find what I wanted and then try to figure out what size it would cut with a lot of trial and error. Did it cut true dial size or the size I put in. Well I never figured that one out!

In the last 6 months I have watched tons of videos on the Cricut Explore Air and read numerous forums and post. I would put the Cricut Explore in my cart and take it out, put it in and take it out over and over again. Until one day I put it in my cart and got busy doing something else, adding on more orders and completely forgot about having it in my cart. lol Well needless to say I purchased a Cricut Explore Air!! hehehehe But I have not regretted it one bit. I love this machine, I know I have told you before but I simply love it. I know this is not for everyone because you do need internet access to use it. But for me since I pay for unlimited access anyway this is wonderful. Plus no cartridges, I gave all my cartridges to my daughter, after I uploaded them of course. Oh yes you can upload what cartridges you have and just use them through the Design Space, no need to ever pull out one of those books again yeah!! I love how it will write, score, print and cut. I love the storage in the front and the pen storage on top, I am able to upload all types of files and cut from those. Did I tell you I love this machine. And I would not suggest it unless I was totally happy with it.

Now you can purchase one of these through the store but with the shipping I have to pay it is higher than the one you can get at the link below. I am just putting this out there in case you are looking, this is an awesome deal. And if you want to ask any questions of what it will or will not do just ask below, I will be happy to answer any questions.

NOTE: disclosure by purchasing through this link I do receive a small commission since I am an affiliate. This does not in anyway change the price of this item for you. You will receive the same deal whether you use this link or not. But if you decide to use this or any other advertised link from my site I really appreciate it. This allows me the little extra funds to do the giveaways we sponsor.

Click here to take a look  

Oh and did I mention that you can use the Design Space on your ipad and on your iphone! There is an app for that lol!! Just create what you would like while watching TV or waiting in line to pick up the kids after school and then send it to your cricut! It is that easy! 

Arriving SOON!!

Our GIVEAWAY items have been ordered!! They should be in shortly. Don't forget you have until Aug 31st to leave a comment and follow this blog to be entered. If you have left a comment under the other post you do not have to leave one here, this is just a reminder.

Ken Oliver has done it again, he has added new beautiful colors to his color burst family! I wanted show you the new Earth Tone set, and let you know we do have these available in the shop in sets or individually. Adding these to your collection will make your set complete.

Also we will be GIVING AWAY a set of these on August 31st, 2015. You have to be a subscriber to this blog and leave a comment under this post to be entered! The giveaway will take place on August 31st so tell me your ideas of what you think of the new colors, and share this with all your friends.

Introducing the new Earth Tones set from Ken Oliver.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Cutting Stencils with Cricut Explore and Guess What Material??

How Beautiful!

Thought I would share one of our Design Team members beautiful creations with you today. Tammy (sscrafter1) created this awesome journal with our July kit. She took a piece of leather, some papers, clips, elastic cord and created a one of a kind journal.

We have a different kit each month that will include enough supplies to create beautiful projects, and yes more than one. The kits are hand picked by our DT and Admins and they load them up each month. Our August kit will be going up in the next few days and we will have a very limited supply, so make sure to come over and purchase yours while supplies last. Just click HERE to make your purchase. If not a member just ask to join. The kits will also be up in our .com store later in the week.

Here is what Tammy had to create with. This is just a collage of items but you can get the idea of just how loaded this kit was. And a real piece of top quality leather.

She took this and made this beautiful Journal

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tim Holtz - Advantus

The new Tim Holtz ideaology line called Advantus is really geared toward Halloween and the creepy side of things lol. I am sure this collection will go really fast since we are nearing that time of year and people are preparing for decorating and craft projects. We do have it up for pre-order in the Boutique, and here are just a few photos from this collection

To place your order click HERE. Since this is a closed group if you are not a member just ask to join. We will have this collection up in the .com store this week as well.  

Monday, August 3, 2015

Cutting Stencils With Items From My Stash, And My Cricut Explore

I have been cutting some stencils today that I need for a project. I didn't have the stencil material, and really didn't want to purchase any, so I am using my Cricut Explore Air and some items I have laying around and it works wonderfully. These are items I am sure you will have available in your stash or your kids school supplies. The best part is they are FREE you don't have to go buy anything to make your own custom stencils of any design you might want. I will be uploading a video on this process and what I use tonight or early in the morning. Depends on if my internet cooperates with me tonight lol. Hope you enjoy.

See if you can guess the material they are made of. Oh and the best part is you get the positive image to use as well. And the Cricut cuts such detailed parts, it is amazing!

Sunday, August 2, 2015


Have you signed up for our giveaway yet? Don't forget we will be giving a set of Ken Oliver's new color burst away. The Earth Tones set. The post you need to comment under to enter is below. Leave a comment and make sure you are a subscriber! And good luck!! 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Halloween and FREE!

It is almost time for Halloween and we have found the perfect SVG file and best of all it is FREE! This file was created by The Lady Wolf, she has offered it free for personal use only. We just thought we would share it with you. I am planning on using it to make a Happy Halloween banner for my shop. I am not a huge fan of Halloween but I have grands who love to get lots of candy and enjoy making decorations. I love SVG files because they are so easy to use, just download to your computer, upload into your cutting software and cut, that is it. 

Hope you enjoy and if you have a chance go check out The Lady Wolf on Pinterest her files are amazing.