Tuesday, April 25, 2017

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Desk Note/Pen Holder with Photo Display

Cut cardstock at 11x4 inches
On 11" side score at 3 1/2, 7 and 10 1/2 inches

Pocket is 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 inches
On 4 1/4" side score at 1/2" on both sides
On 5 1/2" score at 2 1/2" and 3"

Back photo display is cut at 3 1/2"x 4"
Cut center out 1/2" away from all four sides
Center cut out is 2 3/8" x 2 7/8"

Pen Holder 2 1/2"x3"
on 2 1/2" side score at 1/2, 1, 1 1/2", and 2
On 3" side score at 1/2"

For assembling following instructions on the video linked above. 

Hope you enjoy! 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Wallet/Notebook Using Rose Quartz

This is a project I have been wanting to make for a while, I just had to work out all the measurements. You know how I hate to measure lol.

Here are all the measurements and please watch the video, link is below.

Cardstock 5x12" score on 12" side at 4, 4 1/8, 4 1/4, 4 3/8, 4 1/5, 4 5/8, 4 3/4, 4 7/8, 5 so every 1/8".
Then go to 9 inch and score from 9" to 10" the same way at every 1/8".

Round corners.

Pockets 2@ 2 1/2x5
Closure 2@2x1

Round corners on one pocket just on one end as shown in the video, to match the corners rounded on the base.
Round corners on one end of the closure after you glue them together or before it doesn't matter.

Mats for inside are 2@ 2 1/4x4 3/4"
                               1@1 3/4x4 3/4"

Outside mats are 2 @ 3 3/4x4 3/4
                            1 @ 1 3/4x4 3/4"

Your eyelets will go right in the middle of the score lines on the end with the largest flap, as shown in the video. Put two eyelets on each end about 1/2" from edge.

Put one eyelet in the closure if you are closing it with string or stretchy cord. If not then just use

Your paper for the inside signatures are cut at 7"x4" and scored at 3 1/5" on the 7" side. Fold in half and put in as show in the video.

Hope this helps.

The video is uploading now.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Photo Folio

Start with 3 pieces of cardstock cut at 6x6"

Score two of the pieces on one end at 1/4" and 1/2"

Cut two side pieces of cardstock at 5 3/4"x 3 3/4" 
Scor both on one of the long sides at 1/4" and 1/2"

Take one of the 6x6 pieces that you have scored and measure up from the end you scored on 3" and make a mark. do this on both sides. Then go to the top (opposite the scored end) and mark your center at 3". From you 3" center mark come out 1/2" on either side. this will make a 1" top piece. Now with a ruler join the 1/2" marks that you just made and the 3" side marks. Cut on this line to create the flap. Do this on both sides. 

Now assemble by taking your center peice, the 6x6 piece you didn't score, and place the edge on the 1/4" score line of the other two pieces. Use a double sided take to join together the top piece with the and the bottom. Then take your side pieces the 5 3/4" and center them on your middle section on both sides. 

All that is left to do now is mat and decorate. 

The tutorial video is here:

Enjoy and share with us on our FB page group.

Shirt Gift Bag Made From Regular Envelope

Take any size envelope that larger ones are better. Glue the flap shut with extra adhesive. Then cut a small piece off one of the ends, just to create an opening. Now score at 1/4" or 1/2" depending on how large of a side gusset you want. Score the same on all three sides. Do not score on the side with the opening. Reinforce your score lines and burnish. 

Now open the bag and put your had in using your fingers to push out and create the bottom. You will end up with two ear like pieces on either end, these will need to be glued down with a strong adhesive. This creates the bottom of the bag. 

On the sides push in on the center score mark creating the gusset. 

Now on the top where you cut the piece off to create the opening in the envelope, measure down 3/4" and draw a line. Then from either side measure in on that line you just drew and make a mark at 1 1/4". Cut on the line that goes across just up to the 1 1/4" marks you made. Do this on both sides. You are creating the part for the collar. Fold down each piece to create your collar and glue together. Don't glue down on the shirt part until you put your tie on. 


Saturday, March 11, 2017

Bunny Love

You will need a piece of paper 7x12 inches.
Start by scoring on the 7" side at 1" and 6"
Turn to 12" side and score at 4 1/2" and 6 1/2"

Round the top side up (the longest side from the score line) use anything to round it, a plate, cup etc.
Then round the bottom side down, so that you have a mirror image of the top. 

Cut the slits at the 4 1/2"x and 6 1/2" just up to the vertical score line. Take out a small wedge, so that it folds better. Put your adhesive on the flaps and close them up. You will have just enough paper to close the bottom and then just slant the side pieces in, to make the top of the box a little smaller than the bottom. 

The circles that I used is 2 1/4" for the bottom of the bunny, 1" scallop for the tail. And 1 3/4 oval for the feet with a 1 1/5" oval for the bottom of the feet (the pink part)

Then just decorate as you want to make a cut bunny love give box. 

Have fun! E

Monday, January 30, 2017

Annual Valentine Give-A-Way

Win a free stamping tool from Hampton Arts. Get your name entered more than once just be doing the following.

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Good luck to everyone!


Saturday, January 28, 2017

K-Cup Gift Box Idea

Use a 6x11.5 piece of paper, score on long side at 1/2, 2 1/2, 4 1/2, 7, 9, 11

Center Piece is 6x3 1/2 score on both long sides at 1/2"

Easy assembly.

Thanks, hope you give this a try, E

Monday, January 16, 2017

Beautiful Desk Easel Calendar/Card and Calendar Sale!

Made some of these today using up some of the small calendars I had left over. Oh speaking of left over we have 10 of them still and we have put a link directly under the video for the sale on these. They are only $1.25 ea for 10 calendars!! Better go grab your fast before they are all gone.

Complete Tutorial:

Here are the easy measurements for this Calendar Card.

1 pc cardstock 8x4 score on the long side at 4 and 6

1 pc cardstock 4x4 I rounder the corners on mine.

2 pcs designer paper 3 7/8 x 3 7/8"

This will be your to mat pieces.

Now just put it all together, and decorate that is it.

Hope you give it a try. E

Sunday, January 15, 2017

My Personal Experience With Essentials Oils

As a lot of you know we have teamed up with doTerra and have started our journey in using Essential Oils.

I have researched natural oils and their uses for years and believe me there are thousands of pages of information out there. Some true and some not so true. Just like there are thousands of different companies out there that sell them. 

I wanted a pure oil, no additives, nothing artificial, 100% pure. The only company I found that has this guarantee was doTerra. I still didn't jump into anything right away. I read everything that I found on them. And everything I could find on the oils and personal experiences. This is how you determine if there is a possibility that these oils will work for you. 

So in this weekly post I will be guiding you on my journey with doTerra oils. My personal experience, if it works for me, what I use it for, how I mix the oils if I do. Everything from leg cramps to hair care. This will be my own opinion, even though I am teamed up with them, I will still always give my honest opinion. 

My first weeks experience and what I used: 

Again as a lot of you know I have been fighting a terrible sinus infection since New Year's Day. I have taken antibiotics and over the counter meds and still I was sick.
I received my first package of Essential Oils on Monday, Jan 9th. In the package I had peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, onGuard, and my diffuser. I immediately started with 2 drops of the eucalyptus which I knew was good for breathing and the effects of sinus pressure. I ran the diffuser 4 hours that night and about 8 hours the next day. Well I can tell you my sinuses started draining. All the "stuff" that had been in my head for nine days was finally coming out! The pressure and headache was easing up!! I was so thankful, I could breathe again! This is just my first day. After using for a week. I now have a clear head and no headaches. I am so thankful. 

Below I will list the products I ordered first and the items I have been using. Each week I will give you a new product and my own testimony on the use. I hope this helps someone out there who is on the fence about oils. 

Essential Oils is the most common thing in the world. It is natural (if you buy the right kind) and has been used for thousands and thousand of years for healing and good health.

Just click the photos to shop or pricing. 

Petal Diffuser The dōTERRA Petal Diffuser is a small, user-friendly diffuser that delivers health-promoting benefits to your family and home. It has a relaxing mist and soft white ambient light, making it ideal for nighttime diffusion, and can cover up to 330 square feet. 1, 2, and 4 hour diffuser settings

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New Years Storage Solution

Here is a beautiful storage solution that is so easy to make and very useful. Below is the YouTube video and measurements. Enjoy!

Video Tutorial:

Here are the measurements if you make one the size I have made.

The back board is 14x10 inches if you make this size.

1 piece of paper 12x12
1 piece of paper 10 5/8x12
1 piece of paper 8 5/8x12
1 piece of paper 6 5/8x12
1 piece of paper 5 1/4x12

Score all sheets the same. You will score on the long side at 1/2", turn to the other long side and score at 3/8, 3/4, 1 1/8 inches. Do this on all the sheets.

The mats for these sheets are as follows.

3 -   9 1/2x5
1  - 9 1/2x4
1 - 9 1/2x3 1/2

That is it, decorate anyway you like and it is finished.

Thanks for watching E

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Valentine Book Box

We are getting started on our Valentine gifts for our banquet coming up next month at our church. I have to start early or I will never finish in time. You will find the video on my YouTube channel in just a few minutes and you will find all the measurements below. I hope you enjoy and make some of these for yourself. They are easy and a lot of fun. 

Thanks so much for watching the video and please leave us comments we love to read them. 

Shop for products:

1 piece of cardstock 8 1/2x6 5/8 score at 1" on all four sides
1 piece of cardstock 11 1/8x7 score at 5 and 6"

To double mat:

1st mat will be 6 3/4x4 7/8 this is for the front cover
2nd mat will be 6 1/2x4 5/8' top mat

Spine Mats:

6 3/4x3/4"
6 1/2x5/8

Mats for box:

6 1/4x3/4

You will need one each of these.

4 1/2x3/4" need 2
4 1/4x5/8" need 2 

Inside mat to journal on:

4 1/2 x 6 1/2"

Ribbon is aprox 10" long you will need either one long piece or two pieces. 

Thank you so much, E  

Monday, January 2, 2017

January 2017 Kit Ooh La La

New Announcements! New Year! New Kits! Ooh La La!!

We are so excited for the brand new start to a new year.  This year promises to hold great opportunities for all of us and we can't wait to share it with you. We have a wonderful line up of exciting new products coming out of CHA in just a few weeks. Keep checking back here, we will be giving previews as fast as the vendors give us permission to do so.

We also have some exciting news about a NEW Design Team program, that will be announced later this week. If this interest you then stay tuned. We will be posting the information here.

We also have a new Product Review Program that we will be launching later in the month. We are giving "YOU" opportunities to review products and, yes keep the product you review!! More information will be announced later this month.

But for today we have our January 2017 kit we would like to show off. This kit is beautiful and we know all who receive it will fall in love with Ooh La La! If you are not yet a member of the kit club click HERE and sign up today. This is the only way you will be guaranteed a kit each month. Most of the time we don't have any kits left to sell after the kit club members get theirs. This is how fast they go and how wonderfully they are packed with products.

Check out the YouTube video for the preview of the kit.