Friday, June 19, 2015

My Websters Pages Planner in Teal!

I love my Websters Pages planner! It took them long enough to get here but it was worth the wait. I wanted to share with you what I do in the planner from week to week. I don't dress mine up as pretty as most because mine is a working planner. I just don't have the time to pretty them up a lot I just jot down what I need to do that week. But it is very handy to have on my desk where I can take one look and know what I have to do. I use stickers, washi tape and paper clips along with various other small items to make it look a little "pretty" lol. The thing I like most about it is the size, I can just close it and toss it in my purse. 

Give me some ideas in the comments as to what you use in your planners, I need more ideas of just how to pretty it up. :)

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