Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Cascading card tutorial

1 sheet of paper 8x12"
Scor at 2", 4", 8", 10"
Put a tiny line at 6"
Mark on the short side of your paper at 5 1/2" and at the opposite end 2 1/2" you are just finding the center.
Line up in your trimmer and cut from the 5 1/2" mark to the 2 1/2" mark
On short side of each sheet find the center again top at 2 3/4" and bottom at 1 1/4", then put your ruler from the 2 3/4" mark to the 1 1/4" mark and make a small dot at the first score line and the last score line, you will also put a small do at the 6" mark
Hold paper with straight side down and cut up to the small marks you made. On first score line, 6" mark and the last score line.
On the second sheet turn your paper with the angled side down and do the same as above.
Then put your card together and decorate.

That is it how easy, right?

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