Monday, October 3, 2016

Thanksgiving Favor Box

This is a really easy, quick and cute project for a fall table. And you can put any type of goodies inside. Below are all the measurements.

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Instructional Video:

Cardstock 7"x11"
Score on two long sides at 1" then turn and scor on short side at 4" and 5"

Now you will need a cup, glass or something to make an arch in the top and bottom to cut out, I just used an old CM die that I had.

Arch the top like show in the photo and then arch the bottom the opposite way.

Cut in on your two vertical score lines and notch the pieces on either side as show in the video.

Cut a piece of white cardstock at 5"x2", punch or use decorative scissors to make the scallop on one long edge. Lay this piece on the bottom of the piece that is arched and glue, then cut to match the arch on the under piece.

Belt is 7/8"x5"

Buckle is 1 1/2"x1 1/2"
On buckle mark in on two sides at 1/4" and then down on that same mark at 1/4" from top and bottom (this will be where you start and stop cutting), cut the slits in this piece on both sides at the 1/4" marked sport. Leaving 1/4" from either end of the slits.

Slide your belt through the buckle and glue in place

Use 3/8" x 2" ribbon or piece of paper to make the tie. Cut the slants on either end.  Glue in place.

Then you are ready to assemble the box, put glue or tape on the small side pieces, tape down the two little flaps to the bottom as shown in the video. Then put the sides together, creating your favor box.

That is it quick and simple, but oh so cute.

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