Sunday, January 15, 2017

My Personal Experience With Essentials Oils

As a lot of you know we have teamed up with doTerra and have started our journey in using Essential Oils.

I have researched natural oils and their uses for years and believe me there are thousands of pages of information out there. Some true and some not so true. Just like there are thousands of different companies out there that sell them. 

I wanted a pure oil, no additives, nothing artificial, 100% pure. The only company I found that has this guarantee was doTerra. I still didn't jump into anything right away. I read everything that I found on them. And everything I could find on the oils and personal experiences. This is how you determine if there is a possibility that these oils will work for you. 

So in this weekly post I will be guiding you on my journey with doTerra oils. My personal experience, if it works for me, what I use it for, how I mix the oils if I do. Everything from leg cramps to hair care. This will be my own opinion, even though I am teamed up with them, I will still always give my honest opinion. 

My first weeks experience and what I used: 

Again as a lot of you know I have been fighting a terrible sinus infection since New Year's Day. I have taken antibiotics and over the counter meds and still I was sick.
I received my first package of Essential Oils on Monday, Jan 9th. In the package I had peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, onGuard, and my diffuser. I immediately started with 2 drops of the eucalyptus which I knew was good for breathing and the effects of sinus pressure. I ran the diffuser 4 hours that night and about 8 hours the next day. Well I can tell you my sinuses started draining. All the "stuff" that had been in my head for nine days was finally coming out! The pressure and headache was easing up!! I was so thankful, I could breathe again! This is just my first day. After using for a week. I now have a clear head and no headaches. I am so thankful. 

Below I will list the products I ordered first and the items I have been using. Each week I will give you a new product and my own testimony on the use. I hope this helps someone out there who is on the fence about oils. 

Essential Oils is the most common thing in the world. It is natural (if you buy the right kind) and has been used for thousands and thousand of years for healing and good health.

Just click the photos to shop or pricing. 

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