Thursday, February 1, 2018

I'm Back & Never Ending Card Tutorial

This is a quick and easy card that is never ending. Below is all the measurements as well as the link to the full tutorial.

Video Tutorial:

You will need 8 pieces of paper that are 3"x6"
on the 3" size score at 1 1/2"
Turn to the 6" side and score at 1 1/2", 3", 4 1/2"
Score all 8 sheets the same way.

Prefold and reinforce the score lines.

Place two sheets of these together and you will put glue on the four outside corners only as shown in the video. Place two of the other sheets on top in the opposite direction, and glue together using the four corner glued places. You will need to watch the video to see just how you continue from here, it is to difficult to write it down.

Embellish as you wish.

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