Friday, May 5, 2017

Announcement! Mother's Day Tea/Coffee Cup Gift Pouch

There are some exciting announcements on our YouTube today, but you must subscribe and watch to get all the great info.

But here is just a little Gift pouch I made for a mother's day gift card. Tutorial is uploading now to our YouTube channel.

You will need a piece of cardstock cut at 5x8 inches. On the 8" side score at 4" fold and burnish. On the side you will use for the front of your mug you will need to cut a small scoop out at the top.  Use a cup a plate or free hand. Anything to make a small scoop to mimic the looks of a cup at a side view.

Handle: cardstock cut at 3x2 1/2" score on the 3" side at 1 1/2" then measure in on 3 sides 1/2" and mark, leaving the closed fold alone. Cut this piece out to make a 1/2" handle. round corners at the folded end and round corners on the bottom of your mug, while it is folder, opposite the scoop cutout. Glue the handle inside the mug pieces at point desired. Leaving the top of your mug open to make the gift pouch.

Now if you want run this through your big shop with an embossing folder to create the look of a designed cup.

Embellish and place gift card or goodies inside.

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