Friday, May 5, 2017

Purse Card - Gift Bag ~ Instructions

This purse/card can be used for many different occasions. Mother's day, wedding favors, graduation or just a special gift card. 

Here are the measurements: 

12x12 piece of paper, fold in half triangularly. Place in your score board at the folded side and find the center point of this fold and place on the 6" mark on your score board. Score at 10 1/4" then flip to the other end and score at 10 1/4". These two flaps will then fold to the inside with the points touching in the middle. This will become your pockets. 

While these two flaps are folded to the inside place the piece on your score board matching the center point again to the 6" mark and score at 5" and 7", this makes your bottom folds. 

Fold the center score line and the two lines beside making mountain and valley folds. This creates the bottom of your purse card. While this is folded place back in the score board with the bottom of the purse at the side of your score board, and score on the pointed ends at 5 1/4" this makes the top purse flaps that will will turn into the handles. 

Now you can either punch these are leave as is. Embellish and you have your purse/card. 

Enjoy! E

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