Saturday, January 2, 2016


Here is the first full week of my 2016 planning using my new Plum Paper Planner. As you can see I am all over the place with color. I love colorful spreads, makes me notice things better. Also mine is not as neat as it, maybe could be, but I use my planner everyday in my work, I don't mind. So this is a working planner, and I write on the pages. I stamp on the pages, and as you can see I use many stickers for notes, separations etc. I also use my skinny washi tape, love this for the planner, it is just the right size to cover any of those areas where you don't want to use their pre-printed colors.

I will be doing videos on my next weeks planning so stay tuned and see what I can come up with lol. I don't have a large variety of stickers so I just use what I have and if I don't have something I need I just make them on my Cricut. I will be doing a video on making planner stickers using your cricut as well.

Lots of great things coming up in 2016, I can't wait to share them with you!!

And don't forget CHA is next week! We will be uploading lots and lots of new products in the Facebook store as well as on our .com, so keep a watch out for those!. Videos showcasing new product releases from CHA will be uploading just as soon as they release them. Check out our YouTube and subscribe so you don't miss anything.

Subscribe to this blog, we will be having a hidden giveaway each month this year. You have to look for the word "giveaway" in the blog post then leave a comment under the post letting us know you found the word. We will draw for the winner and announce here on the blog. We will give the winner 24 hours to contact us, if they have not done so in 24 hours then we will draw another winner.

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  1. great blog with awesome giveaways I hear

  2. I love the New Year with new planners to fill up. I like to have 'planner days' with my daughter and mother a couple time a month just so we are all on the same page. You are so nice to do giveaways !

  3. I love "giveaways". I hope I win one of them!

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