Monday, January 18, 2016

Planning For The Week & Recipe!

Good Morning,

Is it Monday already?? Wow where did the weekend go lol. Well you know what Monday is, the day to plan our week.

I got up early this morning because my grands are going to be with me in the shop today because school is out. I wanted to get some things done before they get here. Because after they arrive it will be crazy. lol

I am uploading my weekly planner video to my YouTube, I hope you will go watch and plan with me. And don't forget I would love to see all of your plans as well, so please keep posting, gives me new ideas. I have never embellished my planner before this year, so I need lots of inspiration. I have also posted one of the recipes that I use for my crock-pot ranch pork-chops. This is not my original recipe but I love how easy and flavorful it is.


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