Thursday, August 6, 2015

Cricut Explore Air!

I just thought I would share a little information with you today about my Cricut experiences. I started out with the Cricut baby cutting machine, graduated to the Cricut expressions and now I am using the Cricut Explore Air. I liked the baby okay at the time but didn't use it a lot because things I wanted to cut were larger than the 6" platform. So I stood in line like everyone else when the Expressions came out at the Walmart black Friday sale to grab me one. I then started purchasing cartridges when I could afford them, I never paid full price always waited for them to go on sale or bid on them on Ebay. I had collected 30 cartridges over the last few years. Now when I say collected, I mean collected, I rarely used them. I hated the fact that every time I wanted to cut something I had to search the web or look through the books to find what I wanted and then try to figure out what size it would cut with a lot of trial and error. Did it cut true dial size or the size I put in. Well I never figured that one out!

In the last 6 months I have watched tons of videos on the Cricut Explore Air and read numerous forums and post. I would put the Cricut Explore in my cart and take it out, put it in and take it out over and over again. Until one day I put it in my cart and got busy doing something else, adding on more orders and completely forgot about having it in my cart. lol Well needless to say I purchased a Cricut Explore Air!! hehehehe But I have not regretted it one bit. I love this machine, I know I have told you before but I simply love it. I know this is not for everyone because you do need internet access to use it. But for me since I pay for unlimited access anyway this is wonderful. Plus no cartridges, I gave all my cartridges to my daughter, after I uploaded them of course. Oh yes you can upload what cartridges you have and just use them through the Design Space, no need to ever pull out one of those books again yeah!! I love how it will write, score, print and cut. I love the storage in the front and the pen storage on top, I am able to upload all types of files and cut from those. Did I tell you I love this machine. And I would not suggest it unless I was totally happy with it.

Now you can purchase one of these through the store but with the shipping I have to pay it is higher than the one you can get at the link below. I am just putting this out there in case you are looking, this is an awesome deal. And if you want to ask any questions of what it will or will not do just ask below, I will be happy to answer any questions.

NOTE: disclosure by purchasing through this link I do receive a small commission since I am an affiliate. This does not in anyway change the price of this item for you. You will receive the same deal whether you use this link or not. But if you decide to use this or any other advertised link from my site I really appreciate it. This allows me the little extra funds to do the giveaways we sponsor.

Click here to take a look  

Oh and did I mention that you can use the Design Space on your ipad and on your iphone! There is an app for that lol!! Just create what you would like while watching TV or waiting in line to pick up the kids after school and then send it to your cricut! It is that easy! 

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  1. I wanted to comment for the give a way of course and to let you know that I like the blog and videos.