Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Fun Day

Well today is Friday Fun Day, the day right before the weekend starts, the last day of the work week, for some that is lol. Let's do something fun today. Lets share five things in our craft room that are the most "FUN" to work with. This should be easy right? I want to know the things that make you smile when you are getting ready to work with them. The things that gets you excited just to know you are going to be using them in your project. I know there are some things we really love working with and some things we just like working with, at least there is for me. So lets share them with each other, get your blood pumping just thinking about pulling them out and creating. lol

Here are mine:

  1.  I love the sound of cutting a great quality paper, that crunch, the smell, the image of it         being glued on my project. yummy
  2. I love my distress inks. The idea of altering the color of a piece of paper just by using various inks. I can take a plain white piece of paper and a couple colors of distress ink and make a fall leaf just by applying the shades in the right places. 
  3. I love my scor tape, again the smell, the way I can take a piece of chipboard, some paper and my scor tape and make a mini album in no time at all. 
  4. I love my markers, all 1000 of them lol. I am a marker addict, I collect them, want all of them and use as many and as much as I can lol. Even when the project doesn't call for them. :) 
  5. I love my sprays, again have a ton of them and use as many as I can on a project. Love to spray and watch the color change and the shine come out as it drys. Watch the paper, flower, ribbon or whatever you spray change colors and become something new. 
Well that is mine and now I am lost in a creative world, I want to create! 

Now share with me yours.  

1 comment:

  1. 1. I love to work with embossing folders to take a plain sheet of card stock and see a beautiful pattern after I run it thru my cuttlebug.

    2. Making rosettes and decorating them with bling.

    3. Working ribbon and lace into a project.

    4. Using bright and happy colors and textures.

    5. Making envelopes to hold goodies to send to friends.

    Well, those are my top five.