Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thursday "Throw Back"

Our Thursday "Throw Back" this week will need a little thought. Lets search through our craft vault, our stash and all those drawers where we have put "things to be used at a latter date", and find that one thing, that one item we purchased so long ago, that we thought we just couldn't live without. That item you saw someone else use and you had a million ideas running through your mind of just how you could use it and make wonderful one of a kind projects. And now lets be honest, how many times have we used this item to make those wonderful one of a kind projects lol. Told you this would require some thinking lol. And show us a picture if you can get the dust off it. :)

Ok so here goes mine; This thing I saw someone use and it looked so interesting and easy. I could imagine myself using this to do all my cutting, making those little swirls, circles, interesting shapes, and yes all of those "one of a kind" projects. Well ask me how many times I have used it...not once. Oh I have tried one or two times but it is not at all as easy as the demo showed. So I placed it in a little drawer and there it has been sitting for over 8 yrs. Yes I said 8 years. Why do I keep it you ask?? Well who knows, maybe I think one day I will find out how it works? Or one day a light bulb will go off in my head and I will make those "one of a kind" projects...not! Maybe I just think I don't want to sell it to anyone else because they may ask me how to use it, and I would have to tell them I have no clue. lol Well there you go that is mine and really I don't even know what to call it, the cutting thingy I guess. :) Now it is time to show me yours!! Come on I know you have one!! Dig it out of that vault and dust it off!! It's there hiding behind all those other items we just couldn't live without. :)

Have fun searching! And who knows you may run across something that you do know how to use that you forgot you had!! hehehehe


    One item? One ITEM. Here is ONE SHELF. Bind-It-All - Many Supplies of Wire Rings for Bind-It-All. 7 Gypsies ATC Holder. Enameled Chicken Wire (I guess I thought it was a good idea at the time). 16oz bottles of Ice Resin and Hardener (which I don't use). About 10 bottles of Sophisticated Finishes, never opened, never used. 7 Gypsies Binderie and supplies - never opened, never used. Quite a few bottles of Lisa Pavlonka supplies - never opened, never used, don't know what they're for.
    That's one shelf in one cupboard. There are about six shelves in this cupboard - all the same - and three cupboards that "match." Believe it or not, I actually have supplies that I *do* use.

  2. All the chipboard die cut bells I bought?? What was I thinking? lol