Monday, August 3, 2015

Cutting Stencils With Items From My Stash, And My Cricut Explore

I have been cutting some stencils today that I need for a project. I didn't have the stencil material, and really didn't want to purchase any, so I am using my Cricut Explore Air and some items I have laying around and it works wonderfully. These are items I am sure you will have available in your stash or your kids school supplies. The best part is they are FREE you don't have to go buy anything to make your own custom stencils of any design you might want. I will be uploading a video on this process and what I use tonight or early in the morning. Depends on if my internet cooperates with me tonight lol. Hope you enjoy.

See if you can guess the material they are made of. Oh and the best part is you get the positive image to use as well. And the Cricut cuts such detailed parts, it is amazing!