Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Featured Artist & Will You Be A Winner???

Well I was so busy yesterday that I completely forgot to do our "Monday Mentions", but I always say it is never to late! So we will be doing our "Monday Mentions'' and our "Tuesday Trials' together, hope you don't mind.

Monday Mentions:

We have a lot to mention this Monday. Coming up this weekend will be our annual "Labor Day Weekend Clearance Sale", and on my, is it going to be a big one! I am just going to post the beautiful banner Beatriz did for us. That has all the information, as well as the link to the Facebook shop. If you would rather go straight to the shop and not have to copy and past the link you can click HERE. You will need to ask to join, we keep the sale group private for security reasons. We want everyone to feel at home safe and secure when shopping for crafty supplies.

We also need to mention our September newsletter. The newsletter went out on Aug 30th to everyone who was signed up. If you have not yet signed up go to top left of this page, the sign up form is there. We always include lots of goodness in our newsletters and this month we added a surprise, we are now choosing a "Featured Artist" each month from our members room. We will be posting a photo of one of their projects and a little info about them. Also it is a surprise, no one but me and the admins know who will be the Featured Artist until the newsletter goes out. So lets keep those projects posting in the members room so I will have a hard time choosing our October Featured Artist. Keep an eye out, you might just be featured in our next newsletter. Also in the next newsletter we will have a surprise gift for one person on the newsletter list. No one will know who it is until you get your newsletter, could be you! Look for your name in the body of the newsletter, in a really random spot, and if it is there you will win a ?????? surprise from SWMEB. 

Tuesday Trials:

This will be another question week. We want to know what your Tri-al product is in your scrappy stash. In other words what is the product you have the most of, the largest supply. We have tried them all. lol  Mine is paper, paper, paper, I love paper. I have paper from every part of the world known to man lol. I have florals, prints, solids, textured, glitter, gloss...the list goes on and on. I never see a piece of paper I don't like or at least that I think I can't use for something. And this is going to sound weird, but I LOVE THE SMELL OF PAPER!!! When Graphic 45 comes through the shop door, I can't wait to open the box to take a big whif! Am I the only one who does that?? Be honest! 

Ok we want to hear your thoughts, so leave us some comments below please.  



  1. You are NOT!!!,I love the smell of paper and clear rubber stamps,hehehe 😊 I can't wait to get my orders and smell them (I knw weirdo alert)At least that's what hubby says.Blessed day.😊

  2. I think the most of product I have is markers,pens.