Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday "Fun Day"! LET LOOSE!!

It is Friday!! Fun Day!! Friday is a day most everyone looks forward to, the day before the weekend starts, the last work day of the week, for most, so we look forward to Friday. Years ago Friday was our "let loose" day at work. We had to dress up everyday of the week but Friday, that was the day the bosses let us be loose, or wear our jeans anyway. It was fun not having to wear your best outfits, heels, stockings...oops I am telling my age lol. Most companies don't make their employees dress up anymore, so I guess everyday is a loose day for them. lol

Okay lets bring this back around to crafting. What is the product you can "LET LOOSE" with, have fun, feel free, make a mess...mine would have to be sprays. I love my sprays. I love to blast a piece of paper with a beautiful spray and watch it change colors right before my eyes. Or take a white flower and pump a few pumps of spray on them and see a beautiful new creation. I like getting it all over my hands, making a mess on my desk and just simply having fun letting loose and playing. Tell me what your "LET LOOSE" product is.


  1. When I spray, mine never look as good as that, Miss Edith. But here lately I've been really into the Glass Beads and Glass Glitter....lots of blingy things! I sometimes go overboard!!

  2. Mine would be destress watercolouring , I love to spray it and wipe a watercolor note card thru it to see what kind of background I get next