Wednesday, September 9, 2015


I was so busy with the sale and the Holiday that I completely missed our "Monday Mentions", "Tuesday Trials" and  "Wednesday Windups". Well I will just promise to put up a good post for tomorrow for our "Thursday Throw Back".  

Just a little info before I go. The sale turned out wonderfully. We had a great time interacting with the shoppers. And I know they got lots of awesome products at great prices. 

We will have one more BIG sale before the end of the year and that will be our inventory close out sale. We will give you more information on that later on. So stay tuned. Go to the top left of our blog and sign up for our newsletter so you don't miss a thing. 

Also we want to welcome Jenifer Stephens to our admin team. She graciously accepted on Monday and we are thrilled!! We have already put her to work lol. 

Ok so I guess I did have plenty to "mention" after all, and Jenifer will go through lots of learning "trials" and we hope she "winds up" staying a long long time. :) so there you go our three days all in one. Lol. 

Catch you tomorrow! E

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