Thursday, June 2, 2016

From Little Debbie's to Kids Coloring Book

From Little Debbie's to Kids Coloring Book in just a few short steps. This project was so easy and fun and useful for those long summer car rides. If you are like us you need to keep just a little of your sanity therefore anything you have to keep the kids occupied for even a short time is very helpful. This is also a great project for up-cycling. We started with a Little Debbie's cake box and cut it down to the size we wanted and then covered with paper and added our pages. 

Check the video out with all the step by step directions. Your box may vary so these dimensions may not fit yours but just adapt to whatever size you want to use.

Video link:

The overall size of this book is 4x5x2 which is just the right size for those little hands. 
 I cut my little Debbie's box down to the size listed above and then scored the spine at 2" instead of the original 3" which was the side width of the box. I use the side of the box as my spine and then the front and back as my front and back covers. 

To make the little bag holding the crayons and the candy I just used a sandwich bag and cut it to size, used my fuse tool to close it up again and then put washi around it to reinforce the edges. If you don't have a fuse tool then just use a couple layers of washi, that will hold it good enough. 

I made the hidden hing binding, the tutorial is linked under the video on how to do this. I am using some watercolor scraps to draw my images on so they will be thicker than just regular paper and hold up to the coloring of little hands. I also added a pocket to the front and put some extra coloring pages from the documented faith collection there to make sure they had enough to keep them busy. 

Note: if you would like to know how I do the coloring pages using the cricut just let me know under this post. 

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Thanks so much, E

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