Monday, June 13, 2016

Special Finds From The Attic!

Who said you couldn't find beautiful treasures in the Attic? Well with this collection from Blue Fern you will be absolutely swept away. It makes you want to go up in the attic and see what treasures you can find. I know I say this every time on the Blue Fern collections but with this one it takes me back quite a few years when as a child we use to go in the attic and play with all the wonderful old treasures we would find. We would play dress up and pretend we were grown ups lol. It has been so much fun to go back in time and remember those special days playing in the attic at my grandmothers house.

Find your treasures and special memories with this beautiful collection, "Attic Charm".

The video will be up today so you can see everything up close. Just click HERE and subscribe.

You can purchase this collection at either one of our stores.

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