Saturday, June 11, 2016

Stackable Storage Decor'

Today I finish a project I had started working on before Presley had her surgery. I absolutely love it and am looking forward to using them in my craft room. Lots of storage as well as a beautiful piece. 

Here is the link to the video tutorial:

And below is the measurements and some assembly pics. 

Hope you enjoy and let us know if you make one we would love to see yours. 

First you should start with some chipboard, now this can be chipboard from mailing boxes, cereal boxes etc. But if you use cereal boxes you might want to put two layers together to make it a little more sturdy.  

The small one measures 10x4x4

You will need 4 pieces of chipboard cut at 10"x4" and two pieces cut at 4"x4". 

You will also need some constructions strips as shown in the photo and on the video. Those will need to be 1"x12" and scored in the center with scor tape on both side close to the score line. 

Assemble as show in this photo. 

The second one is 11x4x4

You will need 4 pieces of chipboard that measures 11x4 and two pieces that measure 4x4 along with the construction strips as show in the photo. 

They all assemble the same way.

The third one measures 12x4x4

You will need 4 pieces of chipboard that measures 12x4 and two peices that measures 4x4 along with the constructions strips. 

I cut the letters with my cricut and just clued them on adding collage pauge on top for added protection. 

I show how to assemble and how to cover the inside and paid the outside in the video.

Thanks any questions please let us know. 

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